Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Template by Cincinnati, OH Host.

Strip sheets from subject bedroom and replace with clean sheets and make the bed (extra sheets can be found inbox under the bed) Change the comforter. (comforter cover can be found in box under bed) Vacuum and clean room per check sheet. Vacuum the floor. Don't forget the dust under the bed, and ceiling fan blades, mini- blinds as needed.
Place all dirty towels and dirty sheets in a laundry basket the basement by the washer to be washed by the host.
Fold clean bath, hand towel and washcloth and place on top of the bed for guest (one set) (Can be found in the upstairs linen closet at the top of the stairs)
Wipe down and disinfect all Microwaves and Fridges including Xrd floor and empty garbage. Microwaves are located on third floor and kitchen. Fridges are located on third floor, kitchen and basement.
Vacuum changeover room and all stairs cases, third floor to basement, upstairs halls, Master Bedroom (X), back door entry carpet, front porch carpet, and small rugs. sweep steps.
Clean the kitchen, wipe off top of fridge. Clean stovetop and Oven (if needed otherwise wipe down). Place any dirty dishes in dishwasher run and put away clean dishes. Clean the microwaves, remove all food from refrigerators and wipe clean from debris, wipe all surfaces clean, clean the tabletop, chairs and counters. Wipe down backsplashes in kitchen. Restock paper towel on the paper towel roll (extras can be found on first floor closet off dining room) Code X
Clean and disinfect Shared Bathroom at top of stairs and Master Bathroom in Room #X. Clean bathtub and walls, counters and toilets. Clean and wipe down all surfaces in the bathroom, vacuum hairs from the floors, and mop the floors. Wipe down backsplashes all handles of drawers, towel rods, light fixtures, and room moldings(they get really dusty). Replenish toilet paper (if needed) in shared bathroom fill hand soap containers (refill in lower closet off dining room) make sure there is a X rolls of toilet paper. Replacements in the linen closet (extras can be found on first floor closet off dining room) Code X
Clean and disinfect downstairs X/X bathroom change towel, stock toilet paper X extra rolls.
Mop and disinfect the Xst floor hardwood floor completely.
Refill soap dispensers in kitchen and bathrooms. (extras can be found in downstairs closet off dining room) Code X
Empty Trash in Kitchen and replace with new draw string type bag found in downstairs closet. Replace bags in small trash containers in bathrooms and guest rooms with bags new (grocery store type bags or equivalent). Most supplies will be found in this closet.
All guests are reviewed on a star rating scale on cleanliness and observance of house rules. If you can provide us with a very brief description of how the guests left the house (whether clean or not) that is very helpful.
Please check the house for any new stains, scratches, marks, damage or missing items. Take pictures and send a description to Brian or Rolando especially if there are issues or it's not clean.

Enjoy services in the safety of your home.